Jane2 (469x640)With Jane Rosalea Brown, USUI Reiki Master and Practitioner

Reiki is a stress reduction and relaxation technique that reduces physical discomfort and promotes the body’s own healing abilities. It is a Japanese healing modality founded by Dr. M. Usui in the late 1800’s, but is said to be an ancient art that has been used for thousands of years. Reiki is two words: Rei-spirit and Ki-energy or ‘spirit energy’ or often translated as the ‘universal life force’ that flows through all life.

This energy is pure unconditional love. Reiki deepens our spiritual awareness and connection to all life.  Perhaps, this spiritual growth is Reiki’s biggest gift to us, but it does heal us on all levels -physical, mental, emotional and spiritual leading us to experience our wholeness.  Spirit energy is available with us in each moment…it is infinite and abundant.

Jane Rosalea Brown – Meaford Reiki Services

I offer my Inner Peace Reiki services in Meaford, Ontario, a small town on Georgian Bay. Reiki assists my clients with pain relief and limb movement, emotional problems, stress releif and relaxation.


Reiki does not replace medical care. It is a complimentary care that does not affect medications or other treatments. It is non-invasive. Reiki is a light touch and hands around the body. You are fully clothed during a treatment where you relax on a massage table during the session. Many of my clients fall asleep quickly as they begin to experience the Reiki and many go into a deep relaxing meditation. All of my clients tell me they feel totally relaxed and peaceful after a treatment.

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Appointments are available Monday – Friday in Meaford and surrounding area (extra charge for home visits)

If you are ready to feel well and energized experience the benefits of Reiki, e-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com Subject: Reiki appt.  for an appointment with Jane

Peaceful Path Equine Reiki

Natural Wellness for Horses


Peaceful Path Equine Reiki  by appointment e-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com   For relaxation, stress reduction ~moving to a new home or pasture,  changes in family life, illness ~ and energy balancing.

Reiki does not replace Veterinarian care. It is a complementary wellness modality.

Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, CSW,

Certified USUI Reiki Teacher/Practitioner

Graduate of IONS Conscious Aging Workshop Facilitator

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